Patient Testimonials

Valerie Zalewski

Lawrenceville, GA

I have been going to Dr. Pugh for about three months now for an injury I received at work fifteen years ago. Over the years, I have gone to orthopedic doctors, neurologists, family doctors, physical therapists with no results. I had almost given up hope of finding any relief until this year when my insurance said they would pay for me to see a chiropractor. I called my insurance company and they referred me to Dr. Pugh. Even after the first treatment, I started feeling better and more able to deal with the pain I was in. I had gotten to the point where I could not even sleep without waking up every fifteen to thirty minutes with severe pain in different parts of my body. Now after about three months of treatment, I feel like a new person. I feel that Dr. Pugh is a miracle worker. Instead of trying to treat my symptoms with drugs, he treated my problems with therapy. Now I can cope with whatever problems life has to throw at me. So if you want to feel better than you have since you were a child, I highly recommend Dr. Pugh and his staff. Thank you.

Allen A. Efraimson


I am a retired Naval Officer, aviator and physically active person who has been a chiropractic patient for over 10 years. Moving around as much as I did on active duty, I had the opportunity to experience the ministrations of various chiropractors in three different countries as well as in Colorado, Virginia and Georgia. Arriving in this area in the fall of 2001, I tried four different doctors but never elected to choose one as my "go to" chiropractor.

One week ago while on a trip, I had a lower back "episode" that literally dropped me to the floor and, upon my return the next day, forced me to seek relief from my debilitating pain. Most fortunately, I found Dr. Tim Pugh! Even as a walk-in, Dr. Pugh treated me professionally, courteously and with a genuine compassion for my condition. After an analytical session and an initial treatment, I began to regain some mobility and knew that complete relief from pain was in my very near future. A few sessions later my pain level had eased up significantly and I began to engage my active lifestyle.

Dr. Pugh's diagnostic techniques are the most accurate that I have ever observed, and his treatment plan is well grounded in science. It is these attributes, coupled with his determination to make me well, that made my decision so easy; Dr. Pugh is now my chiropractor of choice!

Julia Simpson

Dacula, GA

Dr. Pugh at Hamilton Mill Spine Center has made a huge difference in my life. The pain in my leg and back had become so bad that sitting and standing was annoyingly painful, and driving my car a form of torture. Working with Dr. Pugh has alleviated my pain so that I'm enjoying life again. I'm so glad I took a chance on Dr. Pugh's techniques and put in the effort to do the work necessary to feel this good again. I only wish I'd come in sooner. As an added bonus, Dr. Pugh and his staff are incredibly nice, so it's always a pleasure to come in. Thanks so much!

Marilyn Dean

Lawrenceville, GA

When I first walked into Dr. Tim Pugh's office, I was doubtful...doubtful that anyone could help my pain. My medical diagnosis, adult scoliosis (severe) with degenerative spine disease, brings with it many challenges, and my quest for pain relief thus far had reaped no appreciable results. All that I heard from medical doctors was major surgery, with no encouragement for less invasive options. Prayerfully, and after much research on the matter, I concluded that surgery, at my age, was not the way to go.

First, Dr. Pugh helped me to understand my pain. He took the time to explain the human skeletal structure in detail and answered my many questions and concerns in layman's terms. I was made to feel a part of the solution and that a lot depended on me. I just needed the tools with which to work and he, through his professional care, provided those skills.

Second, the results...the positive results! Through effective chiropractic manipulations and on-going area-specific exercises, the results came. My daily pain has significantly decreased and due to Dr. Pugh's teaching, is manageable, which has greatly enhanced my quality of life. The results definitely exceeded my expectations.

Last, I cannot say enough about the kindnesses shown by both Dr. Pugh and his staff. Each visit was timely, I was made to feel comfortable, and I always left with a sense that their caring goes beyond the physical body. A+ for the "bedside manner."

I do not hesitate in recommending Dr. Tim Pugh to anyone in need of chiropractic services. If you're looking for quality service, his goes above and beyond.


Dacula, GA

At age 49, I was tired of being in pain. I love gardening, but my lower back pain was getting to me. I suffered with pain most of my adult life, but had learned to live with it, with highs and lows of back pain.

Then I saw Dr. Tim Pugh's ad in the Neighborhood News and was intrigued about his method of chiropractic care called Spinal Biomechanics. My experience with chiropractic adjustments was limited, but the few times I had gone to get relief from back pain left me still hurting. Plus, I definitely didn't like the neck adjustments that made me fearful that damage was occurring that I didn't know about.

I decided to go in for a free consultation to hear Dr. Pugh's analysis of my spinal condition. I was pleasantly surprised at the in-depth analysis with a series of x- rays showing that I had a scoliosis condition in my spine I was totally unaware of.

Dr. Pugh educated me on the benefits of correcting my misaligned spine, explaining that it would result in better movement with minimal pain, and that it is especially important to correct my spine before my golden years. The longer I put off correcting this condition, the more chance that I would not get as good a result.

The difference in Dr. Tim Pugh's approach and the standard chiropractic care I was used to is that I had to make a commitment to do all the exercises and make my spinal health a priority in my life to get the best results possible.

Dr. Pugh does his part and educates me on how to make lasting changes. I have made spinal health a priority and since beginning care, I can feel the difference that Dr. Pugh and I have made in my spine and can see the improvement on x- ray.

I would highly recommend anyone serious about correcting back pain and strengthening their spine to ensure a more healthful aging process to commit to the program. It works!

Julie Daigle, RN

Dacula, GA

We have all experienced pain of some degree affecting the head, neck, back or extremities with or without compromised mobility. Trauma due to car accidents, falls, poor posture, bad sleeping habits or unknown etiologies can cause pain and limited movement that can have a negative impact on your life. You may not even be aware that certain conditions exist until it strikes, often without warning. As you can imagine, sudden loss of function and debilitating pain has devastating effects. It creates vulnerability and dependence that significantly alters quality of life.

My name is Julie Daigle, a registered nurse and resident of Dacula, GA. Having a long history of scoliosis, I have experienced periods of excruciating lower back pain and loss of function that has altered normal daily activities for days or even weeks at a time. After receiving bouts of Physical Therapy and medication that only offered a temporary solution to my discomfort, I realized that I needed to find a better solution. As an RN it made sense to focus on treating the true source of my pain instead of relying on short-term comfort measures and masking pain with medication that could lead to addiction and other problems. Experienced in Neurology and Orthopedic nursing, surgical intervention was not an option for me due to the known associated risks and unacceptable success rate.

In my search for a more reasonable treatment plan meeting my specific needs, I was elated to discover that Chiropractic care and spinal rehabilitation was my answer. If you have ever experienced the remarkable results that can be achieved through regular Chiropractic care, then you already realize the life-long benefits that can be achieved through this rewarding practice. You must keep in mind that not all Chiropractors are created equal.

Dr. Tim Pugh, Chiropractic Physician, BSc, DC, a graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic and a Specialist in Pettibon Spinal Biomechanics is a unique find, a genuine hidden treasure located at Hamilton Mill Spine Center in Buford, GA. The friendly staff is kind, gentle and patient. The clinic offers a warm, relaxing atmosphere that is helpful, fun and completely unrushed. In my experience, the proven-effective therapeutic programs in combination with the exceptional spinal correction and rehabilitation skills mastered by Dr. Pugh are unsurpassed, taking the lead in modern Chiropractic intervention. What more could one ask for?

Recently I had reached a point where I thought I might not fully regain pain-free movement. After a few short months of following a strict individualized treatment plan developed by Dr. Pugh, this was no longer a concern as I am now enjoying complete pain relief and full range of motion. If you have not yet discovered the difference that Chiropractic care offers, you owe it to yourself to consider a visit to reputable Dr. Pugh at Hamilton Mill Spine Center while he is still accepting new patients. Learn how to maintain optimal spinal health in the privacy of your own home. Do yourself a favor. Call now for an appointment!